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Covid-19 has changed all our lives and, by extension, our diets. For some, the lockdown has been a time to start the day with Joe Wicks, plan meals and research new recipes. For others, it has been a lot harder. Those used to eating around their schedule of work, school drop-offs and daily commutes have suddenly been challenged with planning healthy and nutritious meals at home.

Some may say four months with limited access to fast food has been a good thing for our nation’s waistlines. But it is not about depriving ourselves of food. Instead, the focus should be on ensuring that everyone is getting a healthy intake of vital vitamins and minerals each day.

As society begins to reopen, fast-food restaurants welcome people back, and the pubs open for the first time in months, some may rush to indulge. But there has never been a better time to re-examine your nutrition.

Here are our top tips to exit lockdown living well and feeling well:

Don’t freestyle – plan your meals

Seeing what is in the cupboard or grabbing a quick bite from the local shop are not the actions of someone taking their nutrition seriously. Meals should be planned and ingredients bought in advance to take full control of your diet. This includes snacks, which is where a lot of people let themselves down. Rather than relying on a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar, make sure you fill your basket with healthy replacements, such as nuts and fruit.

The old advice is good advice

The great thing about healthy eating is that basic advice hasn’t changed. Have a balanced diet and make sure the food you eat has variation. It is also important to monitor your daily intake of fruit and veg (five a day!), as well as drink plenty of water.

Plan and review

We know that planning your meals is important, but so is reviewing your food habits. Start by creating a food review chart. If your goal is to eat five fruits a day, how many did you actually eat?

Reviewing what you’ve eaten compared to your plan will help you see where the weaknesses are in your healthy eating goals. If you tend to over-indulge on chocolate in the afternoons, have a healthy snack available for those times. If you are tempted to grab fast food on the way to the office, change your route or pack a sandwich.

Be an individual

All of our bodies are different and we react differently to various foods. This is why certain diets work well for some and not for others. It is important to listen to your body and take note of how it reacts during and after mealtimes. You may even become aware of personal mild allergies. Pay attention to what makes you feel good and be sure to stay away from the food that proves not to be your friend.

Keep it fresh

We all know fresh is best. If possible, shop for food that is free of preservatives and as nutritious as possible. This is why Cactus Drink Well’s tasty smoothies and cold-pressed juices are made using the best and freshest ingredients.

At Cactus Drink Well, we only use ‘Grade A’ fruit which is the highest quality and not available from supermarkets. Using a process known as Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) our drinks seal in the goodness and protect all those healthy little enzymes. We believe there should be no compromises to healthy living.


If you find yourself struggling to emerge from lockdown with healthy habits, juices can provide an easy way to get a wide range of important nutrients.

Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants naturally present in the whole fruit or vegetables, we can guarantee our products contain the best ingredients compared to store-bought alternatives.

Shop the full range here, and if you have any questions get in contact with the team today at [email protected]ctusdrinkwell.com.

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